Mon Chanteur  Stock Sale! By Kyutizen US Group Donation


Original Notice -> Kyutizen

Order Sets:

  • Mini Banner Set - $10
    2 Mini Banners + 2 Gold Anti Radiation Stickers
  • Character USB Empty Alone - $30
  • Character USB Empty - $35
    + Mini Banner (ver. A & B)
  • Character USB w/ Media - $45
    + Mini Banner (ver. A & B) 
  • Character USB w/ Media - $60
    + Mini Banner (ver. A & B) + Anti Radiation Sticker Set of 4 ( 2 gold & 2 color) + Photobook

Donation Info:

  • Overall Donation Periodr: now - June 26, 2016
  • Order through Paypal only
  • Group order for US only

Send Donation:

  • Please send all donations to on paypal!
  • Be sure to include the paypal fee in your order. You must click  ”I’m sending money to family or friends” box before sending the payment.
  • Please write which support you’re sending your money to on paypal.
  • Please fill out this form only after you have paid the donation fee!  

There will be 3 payments that will be paid

  • Order Fee
  • EMS Fee (will be split among all buyers. The more buyers the lower EMS)
  • Domestic shipping fee to your house (will be sent with priority and have a tracking number)

If you do not follow through with the 3 payments without any notice you will be blacklisted from participating with US Group orders in the future. Not paying EMS puts me in a difficult situation causing me to pay your fees. If it comes to this I will not send you your goods until you have payed all fees. Please keep this in mind and there are no refunds.

Time of shipment:

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me here!