IFNTFASHION is a blog is dedicated to identifying infinite’s clothing & other accessories. We DO NOT sell any of the items listed, we just post them here for you to see! 

DISCLAIMER: none of the images found on this blog belong to us unless stated otherwise, please refer to captions for correct source.


What currency do you post in?  USD!

Where can I buy that item? If you’d like to buy the item posted, find the post of the item, & click the star ☆ It will take you to a site to buy the items. I try to post buy links for every post however, it’s not always possible because some items are completely sold out. 

Does this site ship overseas can you help me order? I do not know if these websites will ship overseas and my Korean is very limited so I cannot help you. Try emailing the website instead, it’s possible they will allow you to order. 

Can you please find this item? If you want to me to find a specific item you can leave requests here. Before doing so please check if that item has been posted already. This blog has been running since 2012. Everything is very organized, I suggest going to Tags & Brands you can find everything fairly easy.

Can you find this shirt from this other group? I do not post clothing of other groups, if you are looking for clothing of other groups please find their respective fashion blog. 

Do you give these clothes to them? The items I post are not gifts from me I’m just a fashion blogger identifying what they wear. 

What are the boys shirt & shoe sizes? I got this from the fancafe and it hasn’t been updated in years so I don’t know how accurate it is now. 
Sunggyu: Large - 270
Dongwoo: Medium - 265
Woohyun: Medium - 260
Hoya: Medium - 260
Sungyeol: Large - 265
Myungsoo: Medium - 265
Sungjong: Medium - 260

What can I call you by? My name is Bel!

How many people run ifntfashion? Just 2!

Are you Korean? Neither of us are Korean.

Can I repost or translate your posts? Of course you can, but please do not edit off our logo and do credit us accordingly. Thank you!

How do you find the pieces? I studied fashion in school and I’ve always had a big interest in fashion so I spend a lot of time staying updated on various collections and browsing shopping sites. I have a really good memory when it comes to fashion, I can remember prints, textiles, & logos certain brands use so sometimes it comes really easy to me. Other times I spend hours upon hours browsing various sites from western to Korean, it takes a lot of time. 

If you have any questions that weren’t answered here feel free to send in a message on here or mention me on twitter! I try to reply as fast as I can ^^.